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When A Door Is Closed, A Window Will Be Open For You

I can strongly feel that my life is changeable, it is full of ups and downs. I fell down a fews days ago, but I have stood up now. I mean there was some problem happened on my business a few days ago, but now every problem has been solved and my business becomes even better than before. So what I can say is thank god.

To tell the truth, I feel very disappointed when my business went down way, I even thought about giving it up! What a thing! How lucky I am! I didn't give it up in the end and it becomes better and better.

So I know everything is just like this, everything has ups and downs, I won't be disappointed when downs come, and I won't be happy too much when ups come, I will learn to treat everything with a calm head. I think this is what a successful business man need.

I can't help remembering one slogan “when a door is closed, a window will be open for you”. So there is no obstacle that we can't overcome. I always believe it.

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  • You fell? You’d better be careful next time. =) My friend had an injured knee due to a fall while playing baseball. Now we lost a player :(

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