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Doing the Creepy On the Cheapy

Short on cash this Halloween? Well, you're not the only one in bad economic times. But, it doesn't mean you have to ban Halloween from the house and turn off the lights October 31st to save money. There are plenty of ways you can still do Halloween; it just takes a little more imagination and a little attention to your budget. Even if you don't have everything you need right in your house, you can learn to get loans of Halloween goods from friends, buy only inexpensive items, and use old items that you have lying around the house to make some fantastic Halloween decorations.

Borrowing From Your Buddies

Don't let this option escape you, especially with so many people who have tons of decorations and trash lying around in their garages. Why not host a “Halloween trade meet-up” with your friends and have some fun while going over some old decorations and fun new ideas? You might find your friends are equally as sick of having the same decorations shown on their lawn year after year and can't wait to trade or loan theirs out in exchange for some of your old things.

Inexpensive Items

Buy some spider webbings, some black and orange spray paint, some plywood, and some old thrift store dolls. You can make some really ghoulish home-made lawn and home decorations and your kids will have a blast to boot! Just cut the plywood into grave markers, add some spider webs to trees, carve a pumpkin, add some stuff broken dolls, or use spray paint on items to make them more in line with your theme.

Old, Broken, Items

Anything that is broken, in disrepair, or just plain spooky looking can be used to make lawn and home Halloween decorations. You can take old sheets and make goblins, old clothing can become a scarecrow with just a bale of hay, and if you want them doing something, you can have them running the old broken down lawn mower, complete with webs and fake dead squirrels under the wheels.

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