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Enjoy A Leisure, But Boating and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Boating and Alcohol Don't MixIt is a great method of leisure driving a boat on huge ocean or lake. This is one of most wonderful experience of us. So you must spend your vacation on that some time, or you will regret for it.

Now driving boat when traveling is more and more popular, especially for youth, because we can experience exciting things by doing that. But what people often forget is the safety. Many people are careless when they are driving boat, they have fun when driving, they even drink beer when driving. That's too dangerous. You should know Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix. Why? It's good for you. You know, Operating Under the Influence (OUI) is very dangerous and it's illegal. Operating a boat while impaired is just as dangerous — and just as illegal — as drinking while driving a car. The legal limit for blood alcohol is .08 in both cases. Many people die from that. So you should keep in mind that safety is the most important thing for your leisure.

Now let's watch a very short video about boating.

Oh, my God! Weekend is coming again, I can't stay at home anymore this weekend, I have to go out and smell some fresh air. Of course, driving a boat on the great lake is much better. Anyway, travel is one of my favorite things. So what's your plan?

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