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Enjoying Loneliness

Enjoy LonelinessThe best for me is that I am good at enjoying loneliness, that is, I can live a good life without any friends. This is why I seldom participate parties, I'd rather stay at home, enjoying my loneliness.

There are many good facets about loneliness. When you are alone, you can think everything without limitation, you will know more about your life, you will learn calm from your loneliness.

I can keep silent for a week, I just talk with myself using my heart. I live in my own world, a world exists in my brain, it is full of calm and peace.

I can hear the voice from my deep heart, and I talk with it.

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  • This is one of the most beautiful thing,I’ve ever heard.I love the way you described the loneliness. I would love to read more from your text.

  • i just read this post, and it describes exactly how i feel. I have been told there is something wrong with me. I am also a person of minimal words, but i enjoy listening to others…I feel there is nothing wrong with me it is just who I am…..

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