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Everything Is A Tool Except Our Lives

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Job is a tool to get money, money is a tool to support our lives. Brick is a tool to build house, house is a tool to live in. Wheat is a tool to produce bread, bread is a tool to let our lives continue. Book is a tool to educate, education is a tool to get a good job, a good job is a tool to get smiling money, smiling money is a tool to keep us alive. Marriage is tool to produce children, child is a tool to keep this world alive. You see, everything is a tool except our lives. You may say “my life is also a tool”. I won't say NO to you. But I won't regard my life as a tool, because I want to enjoy my life. I try my best to work hard, the aim is enjoying my life.

Since I have realized this, I won't pay much attention on tools, if they will leave me, I don't care. Take money for example, if money doesn't like me, I don't care, it just a tool, which is out of my body.

Tools can be destroyed, but our lives will continue, till we die. So what is worth cherishing? The answer is very clear.

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  • Yes the answer is clear. Your look at life is a treasure.

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