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Health Is The No.1

You may have a lot of money in your bank account, others will envy you because you are so rich that they can't imagine. But the truth is you are not so happy as they think. Why? You are fighting with disease. Now you realize that health is no.1 in your life. It is the only thing that you have to care about in the end.

Yeah, many of us haven't realized this simply thing. We work very very hard to make more money, we seldom care about our health condition. So we may get all kinds of diseases. Some get lung cancer, some get throat cancer, some have to take vaginal surgery, they have to visit Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore quite often, because they don't want to die of vaginal surgery.

So what can we do to avoid such thing? In my opinion, keeping happy is the key to health. I seldom get disease, because I do what I love to do, so that I can keep happy everyday. I think this is why I have a good health condition.

What will you lean from this? Will you continue to lose your health?

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