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Pets Live Better Lives Than Human

There is no doubt nowadays pets are living better lives than we human. Pets can eat orijen foods and they can talk walk everyday. They can enjoy the sunshine and breathe fresh air in the morning. They needn't to worry about their foods. We human are different, we have to work very hard to live decent lives. The ever cruel thing is that most of us deem to live middle level lives all our times, whatever how hard we work.

You see now? Pets are better than us. I can't understand one thing, that is, why so many people give treat their pets better than their children? I mean, some of them buy luxury things for their pets, even if they don't have enough money to pay for them.

Anyway, this is the point I want to talk about here, what I want to say is that our lives are harder than pets'. Oh, no, I not complaining to you, I just want to point out this truth.

What lives we are living!

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