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I Always Have High Quality Sleep

Many of my friends and colleagues always complain that they can't sleep very well. They say they fall asleep hours after they go to bed. I am always sorry to hear that. I think I am a very luck guy, because I have high quality sleep, I always fall asleep in 5 minutes after lying in the bed. I think this is a reward from the god. I feel lucky.

Some of them ask me why I have so good sleep, I think about it for minutes, now I know why, because I don't think anything after lying in the bed, I mean, there is nothing in my hear at that time, this is why I can fall asleep so fast.

So if you have sleep problem, why not try to clean your brain when you go to bed? Don't think anything, if you do so, I think you will fall asleep as fast as me. Good sleep! Good luck!

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