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I Am NOT Going To Marry


I don't like marriage, in other words, I am not going to marriage. I'd like to be a free man, do what I want to do, live a life what I am dreaming of. Marriage means we have to share our ideas with our spouses, and of course included. We have to be happy when they are happy, cry when they cry. But the point is I don't like to cry, even I live under the very bad condition. So I can't cry with her.

Alas! There is no inconvenient to be a single man, a free man. I can travel all over the world alone, if I want to travel to Africa, I will go tomorrow, I don't have to discuss with others. I do what I want to do. This is really a cool thing. Isn't it?

When I am old, I will stay in my comfortable home and talk with my friends via internet. I will take a walk everyday, and sleep on time. When I am too old to take care of myself, I will consider to kill myself. In my mind, we don't need to live a long life. But we should live a meaningful life. We should enjoy our life in our youth time.

Forgive me if I happen to hurt your feeling. I don't mean to do it. What I want to do here is sharing my real ideas with you. My attitude to marriage, you absolutely needn't to behave like me. You should go your own way.

It's my great pleasure if you can find your own life, I really hope you can enjoy your life everyday.

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  • Don’t you see the contradictions between living a meaningful life and living a comfortable self-centered life. It seems that your life is very self centered.

    How does your life have meaning if you are old and no one cares enough about you for you to want to keep on living?

    The highest achievement that we can gain in this life is to love and to be loved. Maybe you show love through making radical sacrifices for those close to you. Maybe you show love by artistic endeavors, writing something that gives meaning to others and painting pictures that keeps people moving onward. Maybe you show love by helping humanity, become a teacher and inspiring a person, inventing something that helps others, or discovering something that improves the life of those around you.

    Your life will be a waste if you get old, have only amassed material wealth through useless tasks, and then kill yourself.

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