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I Don’t Think “One Family, One Child” Is A Good Choice

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Nowadays more and more countries are advocating “One family, One child” in order to control the rapid increase of popularity. I don't think this is a good choice. I advocate “One family, Two children”. There are many disadvantages to such nuclear family. The most killing disadvantage is such kind of family is very cruel to child. He doesn't have any brothers and sisters, it means nobody can talk with him when he feels lonely. Nobody will care about him except for his parents. He is a pearl in his parents' hands. They will arrange everything for him, they hope him to let the dreams they ever had come true, they will force him to do everything they wish and they think which is right. He becomes a slave of his parents. How awful! The worst thing is he must take full responsibility for his parents when he grows up, despite this is out of his ability, so he will live under great pressure. His life won't be very happy as I can imagine.

I am very lucky, because I have three brothers, so I don't have much pressure of living. I can pursue my own dreams. Thanks my parents for giving me brothers, not let me alone! I can live every kind of life as I wish. I don't have to live under great pressure like a slave. The only one pity is I don't have any sisters, if I have some sisters too, everything will be perfect.

What about you? Are you lucky enough to have several brothers and sisters? If not, I will give you my mercy. Both God and I bless you!

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  • I have one sister in Hong Kong. My parents died young. I have a son and two nieces whom I love dearly.

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