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I Find You Don’t Like To Talk

— Dingchao, I find you don't like to talk with others, but I also know you are an open-minded man, I am wondering why?

— You are right, sometimes I don't like to talk, you know, I can keep in silence all the day, so I can think a lot of things without interruption.

— You mean you don't like to talk with others because they interrupt you?

— Not actually, you know I find it's very hard for me to talk with others for an hour, I'd like to shut up when I have no word to say. I am not good at talking.

— I see, well, do you think it's a bad thing?

— Not at all! I think silence is better than useless word. This is why I'd like to keep in silence. But I don't have any bad words on those who are good at talking, I think it is a talent, I don't have such talent.

— Thank you for your honest answer!

— My pleasure!

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