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Let Every Day Be Different

You know, I always want to let my every day be different, FRESH, yeah, this is exactly what I want to say. But the truth is, it is impossible. I have to work, and work is the same every day. I'm spending most of time on work. You may have already noticed this, I haven't written post here for several days. I have an excuse for this, I'm busy with my own business. You know, I'm running my own online businss, so I have to spend many hours to keeep it running correctly.

Now I feel very tired, and I hope I have 10 days' vacation. Of course it is definitely possible, as a freelancer, I can do what I want to do. But the cruel thing it is summer now, and everywhere is rainiong, I don't like rain, so I have to stay at home whole days.

But now I promise to myself that I will make some changes from now on, I will make every day life be different and worth living. But how to do that, I haven't get an idea, maybe I will think about it carefully tonight.

Want to take a rest now, so bye bye.

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