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Most People Live Relying On Insurance

I always say to my colleagues that I look down upon my insurance, I say I won't care about my insurance when I quit my job. Of course they can't understand me, in fact, most people won't understand what I am doing. Because most people in this world are just common people, they must live relying on all kinds of insurances. For example, if you live in Illinois, you may need Illinois family health insurance, if you are living in China, you may need PICC. You see, things are like this. In one word, you need insurance.

This is your fate, you have to live with insurance, because you are so common that you can't make a safe life by your hand.

Such life is not for me. I am running my own business, I have enough confidence that I will achieve great success in ten years' time. So my life will be safe enough ten years' later. I can live relying on the finance that I create. You see, this is why I don't care about my insurance. You are not like me, you still need it, and you must pay much attention on it, this is your fate.

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