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No Discrimination!

No Discrimination!

I have no discrimination on any people. In my pure mind, everyone should be fair, no matter he is a varant, a beggar, a orphan. All of us have the right to live in this world. We all should be treated fairly. We live in civilization society, we should behave like a gentleman.

They are discrimination in most of our human's minds. We look down upon the unfortune people just because they don't wear decent clothes. We look upon the poor just because they don't have much money. We look upon orhpons just because they don't have parents. This is our nature, terrible nature. It's very hard to be changed, but it should be changed.

I have a dream, dream that everyone in the earth can live a happy life, no bias, no discrimination, but love and mercy. We live like brothers and sisters. Will my dream come true in the future? I'm looking forward to it. Hope god blesses we humans. Thank god!

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