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Nobody Can Judge You Except Yourself

Believe me, nobody have the rights to judge you except yourself, what I want to say is you should treat others' judge as rubbish. I mean, you won't become better because of others' commend, and you won't become worse because of others' bad words on you. So just go the way what you wish to go, let others talk it, you just needn't to listen to it.

Here is another question: should you hear the advice from so-called experts? The answer is big NO! So-called experts are totally rubbish. Keep one thing in mind: talking about others and give advices is the experts' job. You know the meaning of the “job” right? Now you must know you should listen to the advice from experts if you really want to succeed.

I believe the reason I will be successful is that I look down upon all so-called experts.

What do you say?

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