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One Movie Per Day

You know, I have quitted my job for a long time, now I'm working at home, so I have more free time to kill than before. I have a plan, I will watch a movie per day from now on. Of course it isn't like what you think, the reason I watch movies is that I want to learn something from them, not just for fun or exciting. Of course I won't watch those rubbish moviews, I will watch some meaningful ones.

You know, when you watch movie with an learning idea in your mind, you will learn some useful thing from movie. Just think about it, you can experience others' entire lives in hours from movies, this is really a cool thing.

After finishing watching a movie, I will spend some time to think about it and see what I can learn from it, by doing this, my life will be more meaningful and I can live a higher quality life than before. This is why I like to watch movie.

The only one pity is that it seems there are not many good movies to watch. But never mind, I will watch those classic movies again and again, I believe I can learn something every time I watch them.

Maybe I will consider to write down what I learn from movies I watched and share them with you, just wait for me, Okay?

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