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Sichuan Earthquake, Live Photos

The deadly earthquake happened in Sichuan Province, China not only killed our families, but also destroyed our dreams, left survivors continuous pain and hopeless. I want to share some live photos with you and hope you can encourage survivors to stand up and continue their lives. I don't want to give a describe for every photo, any words are too weak to express the content of the photos, you can imagine what's happening from the pictures.

Earthquake 01 Earthquake 02 Earthquake 03 Earthquake 04 Earthquake 05 Earthquake 06 Earthquake 07 Earthquake 08 Earthquake 09 Earthquake 10 Earthquake 11 Earthquake 12 Earthquake 13 Earthquake 14 Earthquake 15 Earthquake 16

Earthquake 18
Earthquake 19

Earthquake 20 Earthquake 21 Earthquake 22 Earthquake 23 Earthquake 24 Earthquake 25 Earthquake 26 The child is crying beside his dead parents

Even god will cry if he see such scenes, we have teared too much, no more tears. Life is the number one thing for us, we need to stand and fight for life, don't give up hope. My kind readers, will you say something to encourage survivors? Will you please let them feel warm from you? You are so kind and you are glad to help others. Thanks!

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  • I am currently teaching in Guangdong Province and have been in China 8 months. The earthquake was a terrible tragedy for sure but God did not cause it. Our world suffers many tragedies daily but these are not from God rather they come about from the natural state of the world which is in constant change. Rather than blaming God we should rather look at the good that will come out of this tragedy.

    God did not put up substandard buildings in Wenchuan and the other areas, men did that who were motivated by profits rather than concern for lives. The good I see is that people will cry out to the government and demand these men be brought to justice for their greed. That bribes will no longer be tolerated and building codes will be strictly enforced so this will never happen again.

    Another good I see is that the people of China have been moved to adopt the children orphaned from this tragedy, that to me is wonderful news. I also hope that this tragedy will point out the flaws in the One Child Policy and it will be carefully revised in light of this disaster.

    My heart goes out to all the parents who lost their children and in some cases their only child. I teach at a primary school so I felt deeply for the lose of lives of the children and their teachers. I hope that people around the world will see this and find compassion for the people of China who are suffering great losses.

    I can see even more good coming from this disaster as people in China realized how to reach out to one another and that in the end we are all one family. I have seen great outpourings of generosity and concern. I have seen a country united in the face of disaster. I am moved by the courage of the Chinese people but more I am hopefull that the changes that will happen because of this earthquake will only cause them to be stronger and wiser.

    I live in California so I understand earthquakes and I was shocked to find out that many of my students did not know basic survival skills, this too I see as a good outcome of this tragedy. If more people in China learn basic survival skills the next time there may not be as great a loss of life. Like I have said I see many more good things that will come from this than just focusing on the bad. God is not to blame rather God is to be praised for those who survived, for the change that will come and for the miracles that are all around us.


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