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Technology Revolution

Our ancestors mustn't imagine our current lives, needless to say, our technology is rapidly developing, from transfer tank to airplane, from missile to spacecraft, etc. We human can do nearly everything if we wish. This is really a great thing. But we don't feel more happiness than before. Why? This is a cruel question, nobody can answer.

Yeah, our society is superior to ancient time, we have delicious foods, and we have more comfortable lives, more convenient lives. We needn't to walk to work anymore, we can talk with every person all over the world using internet, we have everything we want except happiness. But we are feeling lonely. We feel lonely because we are afraid of technology, technology makes us cold, what we get are strange things.

We are farther and farther from nature because of technology, we have to live in noisy city and we are bearing boring lives. Why? I've no idea.

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