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The Great Masquerade For Halloween 2008

Now Halloween is coming quite soon, it means the masquerading time of the year is almost upon us! This is quite an exciting festival for all of us! We try new thing every year. I still remember what I have you tricked-or-treated as in the past. I've tricked funny goat, birds, even elephant, etc. Children in my family? Oh, they are very creative, they can always come up with new ideas every year. For example, last year, they tricked spiders. What a pity, I can find some pictures to share with you here! I promise you would love them.

Of course my work place have dress up day. And you know this is always the most wonderful day the whole year for us. On that day, we come up with all kinds of models and show them in public. Oh, how exciting it is! I hope it is Halloween now!

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OK, now let's relax and enjoy a Masquerade video:

Now what I want to say is, Happy Halloween! For you and your family.

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