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Ugly Advertisements!

Jimmyjane, R-rated, Pink background, Square buttonI can't bear the ugly advertisements from digital TV on the buses to my work place. I can say most of them are poor in quality. What they are doing is irritating passengers like me. I hate the advertising companies most. You know, they don't give you some entertainments to watch, all they give you are advertisements. They display advertisements all the time. I have to bear to watch the same advertisements fourth everyday. What a boring thing!

In my opinion, advertising companies shouldn't make money in such poor way. They shouldn't irritate passengers time after time. What they are doing is letting passengers hate them. How stupid they are! The clever way to do that is providing both entertainments and good quality advertisements with passengers, so they will like them.

But the fool thing is those advertising companies are short-sighted, they haven't realized this, what they want is only money. How stupid!

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