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We Are Living In A World Full Of Insurance

One of my colleagues was very very excited when he got an insurance from the company. He nearly couldn't believe it! He was always dreaming of it. I think he is stupid. I won't excited about it, because there are too many insurances in this world, we see term life insurance quotes everyday, everywhere.

I don't know what others think about insurances, but for me, I think I don't need them. Most of people around me buying all kinds of insurances, they think their lives will be safer by doing that. How fool they are! I don't think insurance is a good idea to make life safer. Just think about it, insurance will be nothing if something serious does happen on you, you can't bear it with your so called insurance.

My opinion is, if I do have some money, I will spend them on building business for myself, other than insurances. What's your idea, my dear reader?

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