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You Are Wrong, My Friend

— Dingchao, you said that you could live without communicate with others, I think it is impossible, and I think your dream is wrong, you shouldn't follow it. If you do that, you will be mad one day!

— Thank you for caring about me, my friend, but you are wrong, my friend. Everything thing is impossible. What I want to know how do know that I can't live without communicate. You haven't tried such kind of life, how do you know it is impossible?

— Oh, it is common sense, everyone knows that!

— Ha! Everyone? what do you mean? You mean most people. Oh, god knows that most people are stupid, I don't believe most people. I just believe most people  don't have their minds, they just think what others think, they live what others live. I suggest you not believing most people.

— Dingchao, you have bias.

— Bias? oh! bias is the most important thing in the world!

— Sorry, I can't discuss this topic with you anymore.

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