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Friendship Should Be Kept By Regular Contact

I have forgotten most of my classmates in high school. Although some of them used to be my close friends, we seldom contact since we graduated from high school, so now we become strange to each other. It seems that our friendship has disappeared. Oh, what a pity! Hope we can re-build it someday.

Now I know friendship should be kept by daily contact. We need to give our friends a call every several days. Someone likes to use phone chat, of course it will be better if there is free chat service. Someone likes to use chat lines, they like to chat with many people at the same time. For me, I like private chat. I don't like to chat in chat rooms. It's very boring I think.

I know friendship is very important in my life, I will be alone without friend. Of course, if you are genius, you may not need friends. But the problem is I am not a genius, so I need to live among friends. It's not too late when I realize I need friendship. I will contact with my old friends and tell them how I miss them. I will beg them to let our friendship continue. If I have some spare time, I will invite them to my home every month, I think it will improve our friendship.

How are you, my dear friends?

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  • For me, 100% of my closest friends in primary school, secondary school and university are no longer that closed anymore. That is a very sad news.

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