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I Wish I Could Always Smile To Life

A Parrot

When I chat with my sister from Vietnam via Skype using video chat mode, she always ask me “why are you always smiling?”. Am I? I ask. “yes, you are”, she says. Oh, yeah, I always keep smiling when I chat with others. This is my style. You know, I don't want to make others feel upset talking with me so I keep smile, even if I am not in good condiction. My opinion is why let others share your pain, keep it in private.

You know something? If I pretend to smile, I can really feel happy if I do that. This is a good way to keep healthy right? So why not smile if you can?

You know, sometimes life is not so easy as you wish. Even more, it is a little hard. Under such condiction, what will you do? Smile? Cry? I'd rather choose smile. Smile to life, smile to pain, smile to everything! How short our lives are! For, I have only 75 years to live. So I think why not smile?

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  • Hi…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..what a nice Monday

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