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Live A Not So Luxury Life

For most of us, we are not as rich as Bill Gates, so we can't live luxury lives as him. But never mind, we have our own roads to walk, there is not need to feel sorry about that. If you can feel happiness in your life, you know the meaning of life.

You may don't have enough money to buy new cars, never mind, you can buy used cars instead. You can treat them as new cars. Do you still remember what I ever said? I said ” life is just a feeling “. Yeah, you should try your best to feel your life, pain and happiness, remember how you feel it, if you can do that, you are living a meaningful life.

Maybe you don't have enough money to buy new computer, why not buy used computer? Nobody can say anything about that. Some people are very very rich, but they are not happy! We should learn something from them. I am always thinking why such people are not happy as those not so rich people. Now I have a conclusion, that is, happiness can't not be decided by money, but the feeling about life.

Life is what you think it is. Do you know what I mean? I am trying to tell you spend some time on feeling your life, feel your pain, feel your happiness, keep all of them in you memory. If you do that, you will have a meaningful and colorful life.

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