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The Routine Life Of My Friend In London

Motorcycle Superstore, Inc.I asked John how his life was in London, he said “oh, nothing special, just live, go to bed every night and wake up every morning, then read rugby news, then go shopping if it is weekend.” I said I would go there someday, he responded quickly “Oh, yeah, in fact, London is worth your visiting, there are a lot of wonderful things. The pity is I have been tired of them.”

Oh, I see, my friend has been tired of what he see everyday. If I were him, I would be in the same condition, in fact, I have been in the same condition now, so I can understand him very much. In my opinion, we should keeping moving from one place to another, don't stay in one place for a long time. Keep moving can make us be alive and our lives will be full of passion.

This is why I am always dreaming of traveling all over the world, and it is also why I hate my current life. You know, I have to work for company everyday at the same time, the aim is just for so little salary, what a damn life!

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