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They Don’t Want To Donate Money Because They Think Their Donations Will Be Missused

I posted a discussion on blogcatalog.com about charity, it returns a lot of responses. Most guys suggest me taking care about how my donations will be used. They also express that they don't want to donate money to charitable organizations because they think their donations will be missused. Well, here is my opinion:

Of course I have to admit that my donations may be missused, this is quite possible. But the point is should we stop donating because of such worry? I totally don't think so. I think we should continue to donate, if we stop donating, things will be worse. Don't you think so?

Yeah, everything is not perfect, we couldn't hope all of our donations will be used on right place and right people, but the fact is most of them do be used properly. If we quit donation because of such things which MAY happen, those people who need help won't get help at all! If we do that, our humanity will lose in the end.  This is the worst thing that I can imagine.

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