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Work With Your Brain, Or You Will Be Dominated By Others

I'm not saying those who work with brain are superior to those who work with body, I just want to point out you will be dominated by others if you don't use your brain. This formula is a truth, from ancient time till now.

Truth maybe not as good as we wish, but we have to face it. So when choosing what kind of job you will jump into, keep one thing in mind, you are a talented man, not a skilled worker, use you head to work, not your body.

Believe it or not, I can't live a decent life if I chose to work as a worker in some company before, but now the good news is I've totally achieve financial freedom by running my own business with my brain. Why I know this? Because I worked in a company, earning poor salary. This is the difference.

In my opinion, a man having dreams should work for himself, I mean he should create his own business, not work for others.

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