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I Was Always Dreaming I Can Fly When I Was A Child

Flying Bird

I don't know what you were dreaming whey you were a child. As to me, I was dreaming of flying, just like birds flying in the blue sky, no limitation, flying with the soft cloud and lovely eagles if they don't peck me. What lovely dreams! They are still in my memory now, sometimes I remember still them. At thit time, I can't help crying, although I seldom cry. You know, I was a brave and strong boy.

With time flying, my life has been changed, now living a better life is full of my mind all the day, even in my dreams. I think I am not pure as I was a child anymore. Where has the dreaming boy gone? I ask myself, won't those dreams come again? How cruel! I can't back to my childhood days. Those days have become my memory, just like the green grass become the goat's memory.

If I tell you I am still dreaming of flying like birds, you must say I  am naive. Thanks god,  I am not. Well, what about you?

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