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We Can’t Live Without Bank

You may have noticed that with the development of our society, we rely on technologies more than before. Now we can't live without bank anymore. We use bank every week, even every day. We care about how much money we can get from our money in the banks, we care about their CD rates so we can decide which bank we should use to open an account.

Needless to say, bank is the most profitable industry. Nowadays there are more and more banks being launched. Internet banks become more and more popular. On one hand, they make our lives more convenient, on the other hand, they also make us feel difficult to choose from so many providers.

So safety becomes the most important thing for banks, because some people envy their profits and try to hack them or rob them. This is why they hire more and more guards. But no matter how safe they think they are, they could be robbed sometimes. It's not strange, you see, there are so many people having no financial independence, they can't live, so they have to rob. In my opinion, you we want to stop robbery, we need to let these people have money to live first.

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